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DP Belladonna is a Medicine for Acute coryza, cough any kind of Fever and Headache.

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Each 5 ml DP Belladonna Syrup Contains-
  • Aconite nap Ø 0.2 ml
  • Baptisia Ø 0.4 ml
  • Cinchona off Ø 0.2 ml
  • Eupatorium purp Ø 0.2 ml
  • Fillipendulla Ø 0.1 ml
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Coryza
  •  cough.


DP Belladonna is a Anti Analgesic and anti Pyretic drop. It special affinity on Acute condition of body such as coryza, cough, Fever, body ache and Headache . The important role of component of DP Belladonna are described below-

Aconite nap Ø

A state of fear, anxiety; anguish of mind and body. Physical and mental restlessness, fright, is the most characteristic manifestation of Aconite. Acute, sudden, and violent invasion, with fever, call for it. Does not want to be touched. Sudden and great sinking of strength. Complaints and tension caused by exposure to dry, cold weather, draught of cold air, checked perspiration, also complaints from very hot weather. First remedy in inflammations, inflammatory fevers.

Cold stage most marked. Cold sweat and icy coldness of face. Coldness and heat alternate. Evening chilliness soon after going to bed. Cold waves pass through him. Thirst and restlessness always present. Chilly if uncovered or touched. Dry heat, red face. Most valuable febrifuge with mental anguish, restlessness, etc. Sweat drenching, on parts lain on; relieving all symptoms.
Fullness; heavy, pulsating, hot, bursting, burning undulating sensation. Intercranial pressure.Burning headache, as if brain were moved by boiling water,Vertigo; worse on rising and shaking head. Sensation on vertex as if hair were pulled or stood on end. Nocturnal furious delirium.
Constant pressure in left chest; oppressed breathing on least motion. Hoarse, dry, croupy cough; loud, labored breathing. Child grasps at throat every time he coughs. Very sensitive to inspired air. Shortness of breath. Larynx sensitive. Stitches through chest. Cough, dry, short, hacking; worse at night and after midnight. Hot feeling in lungs. Blood comes up with hawking. Tingling in chest after cough.
Baptisia Ø
Baptisia in low dilutions produces a form of anti-bodies to the bac typhosus, viz, the agglutinins .Thus it raises the natural bodily resistance to the invasion of the bacillary intoxication, which produces the typhoid syndrome. Typhoid carriers. After inoculation with anti-typhoid serum. Intermittent pulse, especially in the aged.
Chill, with rheumatic pains and soreness all over body. Heat all over, with occasional chills. Chill about 11 am.Adynamic fevers. Typhus fever. Shipboard fever.
Confused, swimming feeling. Vertigo; pressure at root of nose. Skin of forehead feels tight; seems drawn to back of head. Feels too large, heavy, numb. Soreness of eyeballs. Brain feels sore. Stupor; falls asleep while spoken to. Early deafness in typhoid conditions. Eyelids heavy.
Lungs feel compressed, breathing difficult; seeks open window. Fears going to sleep on account of nightmare and sense of suffocation. Constriction of chest.
Cinchona off Ø
Intermittent, paroxysms anticipate; return every week. All stages well marked. Chill generally in forenoon, commencing in breast; thirst before chill, and little and often. Debilitating night-sweats. Free perspiration caused by every little exertion, especially on single parts. Hay fever, watery coryza, pain in temples.
As if skull would burst. Sensation as if brain were balancing to and fro, and striking against skull, receiving great pain. Intense throbbing of head and carotids. Spasmodic headache in vertex, with subsequent pain, as if bruised in sides of head. Face flushed after hemorrhages, or sexual excesses, or loss of vital fluids. Relieved from pressure and warm room. Scalp sensitive; worse combing hair. Aches worse in open air, from temple to temple. Worse by contact, current of air, stepping. Dizzy when walking.
Influenza, with debility. Cannot breathe with head low. Labored, slow respiration; constant choking. Suffocative catarrh; rattling in chest; violent, hacking cough after every meal. Hemorrhage from lungs. Dyspnea, sharp pain in left lung. Asthma; worse damp weather.

Eupatorium purp Ø
No thirst during chill, but much frontal ache. Chill commences in back. Violent shaking, with comparatively little coldness. Bone-pains. Left-sided headache with vertigo. Pain from left shoulder to occiput. Sick headache beginning in morning, worse afternoon and evening, worse in cold air.

Dosage & Administration 

  • 1-11month: 1-2 ml, 11-23 month: 2.5-03 ml, 2-5 years: 05ml daily 03-04 times or as prescribed by the physician.

Side Effects 

  • No significant side effect has been observed in proper dosage.


  • There is no known contraindication.

Use in Pregnancy 

  • During pregnancy and lactation should be taken as per the advice of physician.


  • Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place.


  • 60 ml in bottle with measuring dropper.


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DP Belladona Drops

DP Belladona Drops

DP Belladonna is a Medicine for Acute coryza, cough any kind of Fever and Headache.


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