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DP Migralaid Drops


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Natural Solution of migraine.

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Each 5 ml Drop Contains-
  • 1 Spigelia 3x 0.5 ml
  • 2 Belladonna 3x 0.5 ml
  • 3 Glonoinum 2x 0.5 ml
  • 4 Nux Vomica 4x 0.5 ml
  • 5 Secale Cor 5x 0.5 ml
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    • Migraine

    • Headache with vomiting
    • Neurological headache
    • Headache after mental pressure


    Migralaid drop is a homoeopathic combination medicine. It is immensely useful for migraine. It is prepared by combination of five medications such as Spigelia, Belladona, Glonoinum, Nux Vomica, & Secale Cor. It is used Migraine, Headache with vomiting. The ingredients of Migralaid particularly effective in neuralgic pain headache from mental pressure etc. The important role of components of Migralaid are described below:

    Spigelia: The pains of spigelia are largely out-pressing, and proceed from within outward and below upward. A migraine comes from occiput and settles in or over left eye. In the eyes themselves there are intolerable pressive pains < on motion; but there are also stabbing pains through eye backwards into brain Pain beneath frontal eminence and temples, extending to eyes. Semi-lateral, involving left eye; Pain as if a band around head. Worse< from touch, motion, noise, turning, washing, Better from lying on right side with head high; inspiring.

    Belladonna : Belladonna acts upon every part of the nervous system, producing active congestion, furious excitement, perverted special senses, twitching, convulsions and pain. Belladonna always is associated with hot, red skin, flushed face, glaring eyes, throbbing carotids, excited mental state, neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly. Palpitation reverberating in head with labored breathing. Pain; fullness, especially in forehead, also occiput, and temples. Headache from suppressed catarrhal flow. Sudden outcries. Pain worse light, noise, jar, lying down and in afternoon; better by pressure and semi-erect posture. Boring of head into pillow; drawn backward and rolls from side to side.
    Glonoinum: Heaviness in the head, principally in forehead. Dull headache with warm perspiration on forehead. Headache with accelerated pulse, red face, perspiration on the face; he becomes unconscious. Headache < from the heat of the sun; > in the open air and from pressure. Fullness in the head; distinct feeling of the pulse in the head; throbbing without pain. Sensation as if the blood were mounting to the head. Congestion of blood to the head (apoplexy). Pulsation in the forehead, in the temples, on the vertex; when walking every step is felt in the neck, when moving the head. Throbbing in the head; in forehead; in temples; in vertex; in occiput; < when moving; > when sitting still and lying and from pressure. Throbbing in the temporal arteries, which were raised, and felt like cords. Stitches in temples or Right side of forehead. Sore and bruised feeling in the brain, worse when shaking the head. Sensation of soreness through the whole head; is afraid to shake the head, as it seems that it would make the head drop to pieces
    Nux Vomica: Heaviness, pressure, and sensation of expansion in head, as if forehead were bursting, principally above eyes. Burning in forehead in morning on waking and after eating; < from mental exertion and when exercising in open air; > when at rest and in the warm room. Bruised sensation of brain; generally one right sided, > when lying on painless side. Violent jerking or dull stitches inside of brain, from orbit to parietal bone or occiput. The headaches are often deeply seated in brain, or in occiput, or on one side only, or in forehead, as far as eyes, and at root of nose; they appear principally in morning after waking, or rising, or after a meal, or in open air, or recurring at same hour every day
    Secale Cor: Passive, congestive pain (rises from back of head), with pale face. Headache with dull and painful confusion, esp. in occiput. Semilateral headache. Hair falls out Scalp sore. Twisting of head to and frontal part.

    Dosage & Administration 

    Adult : 10-15 drops, Adolescent: 5-8 drops, child: 3 drops with half glass of water daily 3 times before intake food or as prescribed by the physician.

    Side Effects 

    No significant side effect has been observed in proper dosage.


    There is no known contraindication.

    Use in Pregnancy 

    No significant side effect has been observed during pregnancy and lactation


    Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place.


    Each glass bottle contain 30 ml Migralaid drops


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DP Migralaid Drops

DP Migralaid Drops

Natural Solution of migraine.


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