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Each 5 ml DP China Off. Syrup Contains- 
  • China Off – ø With other ingredients in sufficient Quantity.


  • Anemia, Physical Weakness and Stomach Complain.


DP China Off is a Homoeopathic Combination Medicine. Its very effectual for Stomach, Complains Physical weakness and Anemia. Debility from exhausting discharges, from loss of vital fluids, together with a nervous erethism, calls for this remedy.

China Off – ø
For stout, swarthy persons; for systems, once robust, which have become debilitated, "broken down" from exhausting discharges (Carbo v.). Apathetic, indifferent, taciturn (Phos. ac.); despondent, gloomy, has no desire to live, but lacks courage to commit suicide. Ailments: from loss of vital fluids, especially hemorrhages, excessive lactation, diarrhoea, suppuration (Chin. s.); of malarial origin, with marked periodicity; return every other day. After climacteric with profuse hemorrhages; acute diseases often result in dropsy.
Tender, cold. Vomiting of undigested food. Slow digestion. Weight after eating. Ill effects of tea. Hungry without appetite. Flat taste. Darting pain crosswise in hypogastric region. Milk disagrees. Hungry longing for food, which lies undigested. Flatulence; belching of bitter fluid or regurgitation of food gives no relief; worse eating fruit. Hiccough. Bloatedness better by movement.
flatulent colic; better bending double. Tympanitic abdomen. Pain in right hypochondrium. Gall-stone colic (Triumfetta semitriloba). Liver and spleen swollen and enlarged. Jaundice. Internal coldness of stomach and abdomen. Gastro-duodenal catarrh.
Undigested, frothy, yellow; painless; worse at night, after meals, during hot weather, from fruit, milk, beer. Very weakening, with much flatulence. Difficult even when soft (Alum; Plat).

Dosage & Administration 

  • Adults: 1-2 Spoonful, Child: ½-1 Spoonful daily 03 times or as prescribed by the physician.

Side Effects 

  • No significant side effect has been observed in proper dosage.


  • There is no known contraindication.

Use in Pregnancy 

  • During pregnancy and lactation should be taken as per the advice of the physician.


  • Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place.


  • 100ml in bottle with measuring cup.


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DP China Off Syp

DP China Off Syp

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