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Natural Antacid & Anti-ulcerate

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Aciled is a natural combination of medicinal herbs to provide quick relief from hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer and gastric pain. It is effective and well tolerated. Glycyrrhiza glabra and Glycyrrhiza glabra extract is the most important ingredients of Aciled. Ingredients used in Aciled prevents gastric ulcer by reducing access acid secretion from parietal cell of stomach and it also cure up chronic ulcer. Aciled is highly effective to neutralize the hyperacidity in stomach & duodenum. The ingredients of Aciled give relief patients from hyperacidity by neutralizing access acid. It also rejuvenate the surface cells of stomach. Glycyrrhiza glabra : Licorice has been used as an antiulcer agent since early 1970s. The extracted glycyrrhizin, Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) is generally employed for the effective treatment of ulcers. Carbenoxolon from liquorice roots produce the anti -ulcerogenic effect by inhibiting the secretion of gastrin. Liquorice can raise the concentration of prostaglandins in the digestive system that promote mucus secretion from the stomach; it was also reported that liquorice prolongs the life span of surface cells in the stomach and has an anti-pepsin effect. Liqourice and Liqourice extract are demulcent, laxative and expectorant. Liqourice relieves discomfort of the stomach & remove the irritating effects of acids in a better way than alkalis. Glabridin is the active ingredients of Glycyrrhiza glabra have anti-inflammatory effects. Liquorices has protective effect against gastric ulcer induced by aspirin. It has the ability to release endogenous secretion, which is potential mediator of the antiulcer actions and shown to accelerate the healing of ulcer.


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Aciled Capsule

Aciled Capsule

Natural Antacid & Anti-ulcerate

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