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DP Tonslaid Tablet


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Natural Solution for Tonsillitis.

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Each Tablet Contains-
  • Merc Bin Iod 6X 40 mg
  • Belladonna 6X 40 mg
  • Kali Mur 6X 40 mg
  • Ferrum Phos 6x 40 mg
  • Baryta Carb 12X 40 mg


    Tonsillitis, Throat pain and Laryngitis.


    DP Tonslaid is a Homoeopathic Combination Medicine. It is a natural Medicine for Tonsillitis. The important role of component of DP Tonslaid are described below-

    Merc Bin Iod 6X
    Merc. bin. Iod was introduced and proved by the American Provers' Union in 1856, and is an important addition to the mercurial group. It acts more intensely on the lymphatic glands and cellular tissue than Merc. v., which it otherwise closely resembles. It has been extensively tested in throat affections. It acts more on the left side, or primarily on the left. The symptoms are < on empty swallowing; also < on swallowing food.
    Belladonna 6X
    Dry, as if glazed; angry-looking congestion (Ginseng); red, worse on right side. Tonsils enlarged; throat feels constricted; difficult deglutition; worse, liquids. Sensation of a lump. Esophagus dry; feels contracted. Spasms in throat. Continual inclination to swallow. Scraping sensation. Muscles of deglutition very sensitive. Hypertrophy of mucous membrane.

    Kali Mur 6x
    Follicular tonsillitis. Tonsils inflamed; enlarged so much, can hardly breathe. Grayish patches or spots in the throat and tonsils. Adherent crusts in vault of pharynx. "Hospital" sore throat. Eustachian catarrh.

    Ferrum Phos 6x
    Mouth hot; fauces red, inflamed. Ulcerated sore throat. Tonsils red and swollen. Eustachian tubes inflamed. Sore throat of singers. Subacute laryngitis with fauces inflamed and red (2x). After operations on throat and nose to control bleeding and relieve soreness. First stage of diphtheria. Ranula in vascular, sanguine constitutions.

    Baryta Carb 12X
    Submaxillary glands and tonsils swollen. Takes cold easily, with stitches and smarting pain. Quinsy. Suppurating tonsils from every cold. Tonsils inflamed, with swollen veins. Smarting pain when swallowing; worse empty swallowing. Feeling of a plug in pharynx. Can only swallow liquids. Spasm of Esophagus as soon as food enters Esophagus, causes gagging and choking. Throat troubles from over use of voice. Stinging pain in tonsils, pharynx or larynx.

    Dosage & Administration 

    Adult: 2 tablet , Adolescent: 1 tablet daily 3 times or as prescribed by the physician.

    Side Effects 

    No significant side effect has been observed in proper dosage.


    There is no known contraindication.


    Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place.


    50 tablets in bottle.


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DP Tonslaid Tablet

DP Tonslaid Tablet

Natural Solution for Tonsillitis.


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